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Michael Levin, Architect

Nicole is a well-rounded designer with a firm grasp of both aesthetic elements and technical detailing, not just able to create a cohesive design but also able to get it built.  In working together on the Park Hyatt/NoMI renovation, I was impressed with how she was equally comfortable specifying furniture and fabrics and designing the carpets as she was detailing millwork, checking shop drawings, or specifying plumbing fixtures. Due to the nature of the project and client requirements, we were often asked to prepare multiple schemes for different areas, to try to satisfy the divergent needs of several end users. Nicole was able to assemble design elements and create presentation materials that clearly defined the ideas behind each scheme and their relative pros and cons, helping us to move forward on a very challenging project.  Also, Nicole's positive attitude and willingness to put in the work required to get a job done were always appreciated. Her communication skills are excellent, whether discussing the project with the team, presenting to clients, or dealing with contractors on site. 

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James Schubert, Architect

Nicole is diligent and focused in her work and is always willing to do what is necessary to achieve excellence. She is a joy to work with and an asset to our team. A true professional.

michele lenni.jfif

Michele Lenni, Marketing Specialist

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole for several months while she was a contract employee at Lohan Anderson. Here commitment to excellence and dedication to quality was truly exceptional. She proved that she was not only a talented interiors associate, but assisted in more architectural pursuits and business development, i.e. proposal creation, as well. We were very proud to have her on our team here at Lohan Anderson and she is sorely missed.

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Jeff Lewis,Vice President Architecture firm

Nicole is a very enthusiastic, talented and driven designer. Her great work ethic is complimented by her pleasant personality. She always gets the job done, and most importantly, done well.

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